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What is Animal Communication?
Animal Communication is classed as a form of telepathy. An ability to exchange thoughts, sensations, feelings and emotions over time and distance. It is essentially a sharing of energies which develops into a two-way communication that is neither verbal or physical in nature. Animals regularly read their human companions and see, feel, hear, our thoughts which is why they know us better than we know ourselves.    This is one of the reasons why animals are a good judge of character, they know your true intentions.

Can Anyone Be an Animal Communicator?
Yes, but as with anything else, the degree to which you are able to communicate is reflected by the amount of effort you put into it. It does take dedication and practice.

Although the description of animal communication may seem intimidating, it is actually a natural process which we are all able to do. Most people have lost the ability to listen to the animals because of external conditioning. Animal communicators have rediscovered the ability to listen through heightened senses and awareness. They are able to translate the subtle whispers of animals and nature into human words. This translation facilitates a better understanding between people and their animal companions and can also help to give you a different perspective on life in general.

Why Consult an Animal Communicator?
Many people will seek an animal communicator when there are behavioural issues exhibited by their animal companions or when there is a sudden change in behaviour. The communicator can ask the animal why they are doing the behaviour and discuss how to work together on coming to a mutually agreeable solution.

Other times, people wish to connect with an animal regarding health issues. What the communicator can offer is intuitive impressions about how your animal is feeling and how their bodily systems are functioning and note any energetic changes.

Some people may wish to reconnect with animals that have crossed over or communicators can offer feelings and impression on whether the animal needs or wants assistance crossing over.

The reasons people contact animal communicators varies from person to person but the underlying reason is, of course, the love and well-being of their animal friends.

Do Communicators Need To Come To The House/Barn?
There are some communicators who like to do their sessions at the home of the animal while others prefer to use a picture.

I do not need to be with animal physically nor do I require a picture. Since the session is done on the energetic levels, where there are no time/space boundaries, there is no need for physical representation of the animal.

What I require is the name, age, sex and breed of the animal which helps to focus the energies and make the connection.