Animal Who Have Crossed Over

Many people ask me about animals who have crossed over, and after having suffered a huge loss, they want to make sure their animal companions are ok.    It has been my experience that animals cross over in different ways but once they get to the other side they are filled with unconditional love and restored to perfect health.

It is hard to explain the other side as time and distance are different over there.     The animals can be visiting their people, playing with their animal friends and making progress with their spiritual studies all at the same time.        Every time you think of your animal companion you send out thought to them and they respond be coming closer to you.    They literally are a thought away from you.      Sometimes your grief will prevent you from feeling or sensing they are there so asking them to come in a dream state when you are more open to receiving them is best.

I have never had an animal cross over alone and have seen Angels, other animals, guardians from the spirit world and family members come forward to take them across.

On the other side they will normally describe a natural habitat situation for their species and tell me that words cannot describe the beauty over there.      They will show me images of things they do over there, some go off to do studies, some have a period of simply enjoying their time, much like a healing period, and others move right into planning their next incarnation.   Some take on jobs like helping other animals cross over, working with children who are crossing, working globally to help the human race.   Each soul is unique and following their soul path of progress.

Your animal companions are safe and loved once they have crossed over and many have showed me images of literally leaping out of their bodies as they were very restricting or sickly and their energy bodies are pure perfection.

Watch for signs from you animal companions as they want you to know they are ok too.    Look for animals appearing to you repeatedly or that grab your attention.     Listen for “your song” to play on the radio or watch for feathers.    Birds seems to be a choice animal that animals will send to let you know they are ok.    Ask them to send you a sign and wait, they will respond because they want you to know they are still with you.


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