Energy Healing
All energy therapies have the same basic principles of allowing energies from a higher source to be channelled through the body of the healer to the intended recipient. Some will say one system is better than the other but ultimately, as with anything, it’s what works for you and within your own personal belief system.

The healer will place their hands on (or just above) the physical body of the animal/person or using focused intent and specific symbols if being done at a distance. Like with animal communication, healing is done with energy so time and space are not relevant.

The recipient does not need to hold any type of belief for the healing to work. Many people will connect spiritual healing to religion or faith healing which is an inaccurate assumption.

Physical illness can manifest in the body when the energy centers of the body (chakras) and the aura are imbalanced. Imbalances can be caused by many different things from the environment; to stress; to something as simple as eating something that didn’t agree with you. When the healing energy is received by the body of the recipient, it is directed to the imbalance with the intent of relieving the cause of the imbalance thus restoring the body’s cell memory. The energy directed during healing is from a Higher Vibrational Source of Intelligence it is not and should not be the energy of the person giving the healing. This is why it is important to find a qualified practitioner or instructor.

What people experience during healings varies as it does with animals. Most people will reach a state of complete calmness and peace, some fall asleep, some say they go off on a nice journey while others may cry. Every healing is different and every sensation is unique to the person/animal receiving it and is dependant upon what is required at that time.

Energy healing is not a “cure”, although many people may find relief from their symptoms following a session or sessions. The healing energies are intelligent and work in accordance with the life plan of the recipient. Energy healing is a great preventative therapy which is non invasive and quite pleasurable to most. It helps to keep your energies balanced and free flowing helping to decrease incidents of physical illness.

Crystals, gemstones and colours all hold vibrational energies which can aide the body in restoring balance. These methods are easy to use and can be as simple as changing colours of a collar of blanket your pet uses.

Energy healing is not only a great way to help your animal companions and yourself; it also helps to heighten your intuition and increase your animal communication skills.

Animals are very sensitive to energy work so sometimes, even if in the presence of the animal, the healing must be done from across the room. Others love energy work and will come up to you and nuzzle your hands wanting more and most often will walk away when they have had enough.