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I carry out my healing animal communication readings on a per session basis rather than a per hour basis. I have found this method allows the animal to have their full say uninterrupted. Your animal companions are much like humans in their personalities.   Some like to chat while others are more reserved so quantity of information will vary from animal to animal. My communications are very in depth and a session usually consists of  three parts.

Part One  I get  a feel for the animal’s personality and allow them to have their say on whatever they wish to share.

Part Two  is  when I get answers to your questions or concerns.

Part Three is a body scan where I go through the bodily systems and find out how they are functioning and if there are any energy imbalances.    I will not give a diagnosis just observations from energy imbalances which are intuitive in nature.    If the session is for an animal companion who has crossed over, part three will give details of their crossing, who met them, what they are doing now, any requests they have or anything else they wish to share, rather than a body scan.

If healing is required it is done at this time.

Disclaimer:  I am not a veterinarian nor legally qualified to offer a diagnosis, prognosis or prescribe.   What I offer are intuitive impressions received from  you animal companion which are legally classed as entertainment only. If you are concerned about your animal friend’s physical or emotional well-being please seek out the services of a qualified veterinarian.

I do not do my  communications in “real time”. Which means I don’t connect with the animal while you are on the phone  but rather I connect with your animal prior to reporting to you via email.    I normally spend about an hour or more on each animal.

What I require from you when doing a session is the name of the animal, sex, breed and age along with a list of questions or concerns you may have.    A maximum of 5 questions usually works best as more questions normally seem to overlap in responses.     It is important that you ask your questions or voice your concerns prior to a session.

Once I have this information I will schedule a date for the session and will email the report to you on that date.     I connect on an energetic level so what the animal is doing in the physical world does not matter.   In other words there is not reason to have your animal companion lay still or be quiet they can continue on their normal daily routine.

Healing Animal Communication Session Options:

$60.00 per animal for a full session (as outlined above)   This is also the fee for animals who have crossed over

Body Scan only   $30.00 –  Strictly a scanning of the body no questions can be asked except relating to how they feel physically

Chakra Balance and Energy Healing Session    $40.00  no questions I just balance the energy and send healing and will send you a report with respect to what I find in the chakra energy

Prayers For Your Animal Companion     No charge

 How To Proceed With A Session

1.    Email me with your above information, name, age, breed sex as well as any questions you may have for your animal companion or myself.
2.    I will respond with date for  your session
3.     Payment can be made 24 hours prior to your session date either via paypal or email transfer.
4.     You will receive your report of the session via email
5.     Once you have received the report of the session you can email me any questions or concerns, if any.
6.    I will respond to your email and payment for the session will then be redeemed.


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Payment Methods

  1. Email transfer   (this is done through your own bank, please see your online banking for information on how to proceed, it is very similar to paying a bill online)
  2. Payment Using PayPal (button below)

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